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15 Best Tumi Backpack For Men & Women | Lark, Norman, Davis, Carson

There are countless brands of backpacks for men and women available these days competing for shoppers’ interest and attention, but it cannot be denied that the best Tumi backpacks have proven themselves when it comes to contemporary style, quality, and design. No wonder, countless men and women have the desire to get these backpacks and be able to experience the most exclusive Tumi backpack difference.

There are countless brands of backpacks for men and women available these days competing for shoppers’ interest and attention, but it cannot be denied that the best Tumi backpacks have proven themselves when it comes to contemporary style, quality, and design. No wonder, countless men and women have the desire to get these backpacks and be able to experience the most exclusive Tumi backpack difference. 

15 best tumi backpack for men

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Tumi is a famous brand when it comes to backpacks. These are ultimately robust and designed ergonomically. Tumi backpacks can fulfill even the most discerning demands of users, and since these are guaranteed of high quality, Tumi backpacks are priced higher than other brands. But such quality definitely deserves such price tag, and shoppers are rest assured that they will get the best that they deserve from these backpacks.

If on the market for the best Tumi backpack, the following backpacks can be the best choices for modern and fashionable men and women backpack lovers and enthusiasts: 

Lark Backpack

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The Tumi Lark Backpack is one of the Best Tumi Backpacks for men and women, which were specially designed to carry both daily essentials and travel essentials. This backpack also provides users with durability and resilience. Lark Backpacks are made using different parts and components, and all are guaranteed to be of the finest and highest quality. There are even custom designed Tumi Lark Backpacks available. 

All parts of these backpacks are made in such a way that it will conform to the highest standards possible. The backpack is ultimately light and displays purposeful and practical design. 


  • Comes with laptop compartment 
  • Padded pockets 
  • Magnetic clips 
  • Extended luggage handles 
  • Rugged yet solid and sophisticated design 
  • Zip divider 

These are just a few of the many impressive features of the Lark Backpack. If you want a backpack worth investing in, the Tumi Lark Backpack is a perfect choice. 

Norman Backpack 

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This Tumi backpack is well-built and polished. Norman Backpack performs well for school, work, and travel. The spacious compartments can easily accommodate your things, and its dedicated pockets can fit your gadgets such as tablets and laptops. The fabric and the design both inside and out are truly impressive. This backpack brings you rugged but refined pieces that will surely take you outdoors in style. 


  • Padded pocket for laptop and tablet 
  • Open and card pockets 
  • Pen loops 
  • Key leash
  • Zip entry into the main compartments 
  • Quick access pockets with magnetic snap

If you want to invest in a high quality, durable and stylish backpack, Norman Backpack is definitely something worth investing for. 

Tyndall Utility Backpack

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Exclusively made in high-quality Nylon, Tyndall Utility Backpack is a spacious and streamlined backpack featuring multiple exterior and interior smart organizational pockets and laptop compartment. This backpack also provides space to accommodate your tablet, accessories, and cords. This also features a fold-open flap in front to enable you to access the spacious compartment. 

Tyndall Utility Backpack is indeed a product of innovation. The design of this backpack is solid and impressive, and the design methods used are comprehensive. The best things about this Tumi backpack are the custom-engineered parts and the abrasion-resistant and durable materials. This brand promises versatility and quality for travel near or far. 


  • Open pockets and card pockets included 
  • Mesh zipper pockets
  • Key leash
  • TUMI Tracer™
  • Pen loop
  • The open pocket which includes protective lining
  • Exterior features like zip-entry compartments
  • U-zip pocket (front) 
  • Front straight zip pocket
  • Quick access back pocket 

The Tyndall Utility Backpack will suit your needs for space and for style. This product is now available to suit the unique style preference and needs of men and women. Tyndall Utility Backpack is the best value product that you can get for the price. 

Finch Backpack

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Finch Backpack is a modern and resilient backpack allowing some leeway in terms of the quantity that it can fit in in the already spacious major compartment. This backpack has a separate compartment for your laptop and other useful pockets that make storing and organizing things a lot easier.

The waterproof cover of this backpack protects the pack. This zips to the bottom of the backpack when not in use. Finch Backpack is known for its maximum utility and minimalist design. This is part of the famous Tumi backpack collection and was specially designed for outdoor escapades. The backpack’s modern style perfectly meets maximum utility.  


  • Waterproof cover
  • Adjustable and padded backpack straps
  • Top-zip closure 
  • Add a bag sleeve feature
  • Key leash 
  • Pen Loops
  • Padded compartment for laptop 
  • Interior zip and card pockets 
  • Tumi Tracer technology that helps locate the backpack in case lost or stolen 

Aside from providing safe and secure storage for your things and depicting an impressive style to users on the go like you, Finch Backpack is certainly a good investment. 

Sheppard Deluxe Briefpack

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Sheppard Deluxe Briefpack is an impressive exterior and interior organizational pockets and dedicated space for iPad, laptop, and digital essentials. Exterior pockets of this brief pack are waterproof and can accommodate your umbrella and water bottle. This impressive backpack is crafted from durable and high-quality fabric and comes with top-carry handle, adjustable and comfortable backpack strap. This also features easy and convenient zip access into the major compartment. 


  • TUMI Tracer 

This is a complimentary and exclusive program helping unite TUMI users with their stolen and lost items. This program is a special 20-digit individual number printed on the product’s metal plate that is affixed in TUMI products permanently. This number and the contact information of the owner will be entered into the database when the backpack is registered with them. The number is used to help in recovering the stolen or lost item reported to them. 

  • Add a Bag Sleeve 

Many Tumi totes, cases, and backpacks feature back sleeve, which slips over the handles enabling you to carry and stack even heavier bags that are wheeled into your luggage. 

  • e-Reader Pocket 

This backpack has a compartment or pocket specially designed to hold the e-readers, including Nook, Kindle, and iPad. 

  • Waterproof Pocket 

This was designed to keep damp and wet items such as workout clothes, water bottles, and umbrellas. This waterproof pocket is good at separating from the other contents in the bag. 

The Sheppard Deluxe Briefpack is packed with amazing features that will surely convince you to purchase this deluxe backpack. 

Lance Backpack

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Quality and functionality come first with the Tumi Lance backpack for men and women. This is also packed with excellent features making it the best Tumi backpack available today. This backpack was built to serve and perform. This features roll-top and includes an adjustable strap to accommodate your haul. The backpack comes with L-zip opening paving the way for simple packing and with pockets keeping your essential gadgets such as phone, tablet, laptop, and even your water bottle and other essentials easier to access. 

This Tumi Lance backpack delivers a rugged yet streamlined and refined piece that you can bring at the workplace or outdoors for your escapade. There are also Tumi accents made available, but these could mean paying for an added cost. 


  • Padded pockets for tablet and laptop
  • Open pockets and card pockets included 
  • Key leash
  • Pen loop
  • Tumi Tracer 
  • Fold-over top that comes with a rubber strap 
  • Zip entry to the back compartment and L-zip entry into the main compartment 
  • Leather-accented and durable top handle 
  • add-a-bag sleeve 
  • Adjustable padded backpack straps 

If you are looking for a backpack that combines quality, durability, and unrivaled style, you can never go wrong with Lance Backpack.

Davis Backpack 

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This is a sleek, versatile, and stylish backpack featuring an adjustable and comfortable strap and compartments that are precisely designed for your tablet, laptop, and other daily essentials. Davis Backpack is perfect to be used as a carry-on bag or commuter bag as well. Crafted from finest ballistic nylon, you can expect for this backpack to withstand wear and tear. This best Tumi backpack for men and women is crafted from the finest and most durable nylon fabric, including an adjustable shoulder strap. 


  • Weighs about 2.7 lbs.
  • Made of quality Ballistic Nylon fabric 
  • iPad and laptop pocket included
  • Card pockets included as well
  • Tumi Tracer Technology 
  • Key leash 
  • Pen loop
  • Zip entry to the major compartment
  • Quick access pocket at the back of the backpack
  • Leather-accent handle 
  • add-a-bag sleeve

Investing in Davis Backpack gives you the chance to experience and enjoy the TUMI experience. This is packed with features that you cannot find in other brands of the backpack. The exclusive Tumi Tracer Technology is one of these unmatched features. 

Nottaway Backpack

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Practical and polished, this streamlined and well-designed backpack was specially designed with properly-placed pockets to organize and secure your things, including your tablet and laptop. This backpack includes waterproof rain cover protecting the front and also zips the bottom of the backpack when not in use. This makes the Nottaway Backpack perfect for messy-weather commutes. 

This is also considered the best Tumi backpack for men and women because of its notable features such as the Add a bag system and the Tumi Tracer technology. The Add a bag system is a special feature of Nottaway Backpack, allowing travelers to bring or carry more essential items at the same time in one hand in an effortless manner. Moreover, Tumi Tracer technology is another awesome feature of this backpack. This helps in locating a lost or stolen backpack that is registered to them. 


  • Media and card pockets included 
  • Zip pocket 
  • Key leash 
  • Pen loop 
  • Tumi Tracer technology
  • Add a Bag Sleeve 
  • Front and back-zip pocket that also includes a magnetic strap 
  • Padded-mesh back 
  • Waterproof rain cover featuring reflective stripe safeguarding the front of the backpack and zipping to the bottom particularly when not in use
  • The backpack includes two oversized and detachable nylon logo zipper pulls 

You can purchase and try the Nottaway Backpack now and experience the best that this branded backpack can offer. 

Kelley Sling

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Check Kelley Sling Price

Kelley Sling is noted for its durability and polished look. This handsome and stylish leather sling is the best choice for everyday adventures and world travels. Kelly Sling provides you with a rugged but refined and fashionable piece that will surely take you from work to outdoors and even beyond. You can easily get into the main compartment by means of the top of the side and then stash your mobile phone and all your other essentials in the sling bag’s hidden-snap and handy pocket. 


  • Key Leash 

With this feature, your keys won’t be missing anymore. You just need to clip on your keys and drop the keys inside. You can locate the keys easily, especially when you needed them. 

  • Protective Pocket 

The lightly padded and ultra-soft pockets are lined with non –abrasive microfiber suede providing added protection. 

  • TUMI Tracer 

This features a special technology that makes it possible to connect owners to their lost and stolen items. With the aid of TUMI Tracer technology, a special 20 –digit number will be placed on the metal plate of the TUMI product. This number is a key factor that helps in locating the item lost as soon as possible. 

Other Kelley Sling features include zip pockets, quick-access back pockets, zip entry, and more. 

Tumi Briefpack

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Tumi briefpack is the perfect pack that you can bring with you to the office. This is spacious and displays many impressive designs features both on the exterior and interior pockets. This briefpack also leaves a space for your tablet, laptop, and other essential things. The exterior pockets come with water-resistant and durable pockets for your umbrella and your water bottle. This briefpack is part of the iconic Tumi collections noted for their unmatched style, design, quality, and functionality. 


  • Add a Bag System allowing easy and quick addition of another piece with the use of patented hook with secure tab closure holding an excess of about 200 pounds
  • Ballistic nylon fiber that combines special coating and unique weave making this briefpack abrasion-proof and ultra-tough
  • Other features include media and card pockets, open pockets, zip pocket, Tumi Tracer, leather-wrapped top-carry handle, side pockets, and more

There are plenty of backpacks to choose from, but Tumi Briefpack is the best Tumi backpack for men and women that you can consider buying. The style, materials, features, and overall functionality stand out from the rest.  

Rivas Backpack

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The Rivas backpack got more stuff and style with its softly and beautifully structured designs. This backpack features plenty of organizational pockets, including a padded pocket for your laptop. Handy side zippers are even included allowing you to access the major compartment with ease and without really the need to open the top. Rivas backpack even comes with a personalized kit that includes speed clip, monogram patch, luggage tag, and more, but all these are provided at an added cost. 

This is one of the best TUMI backpacks for women that display practical and purposeful design but not putting the style at compromise. This is part of the TUMI backpack collections that will surely bring lightweight, versatile, and high-quality backpack for women. 


  • Laptop compartment w/ snap closure
  • Zip pocket featuring TUMI Tracer 
  • Media pocket 
  • Key leash
  • Pen pocket 
  • Two U-zip pockets in front 
  • Leather top handle 
  • Adjustable and padded backpack straps
  • Side-zip and quick access zip pocket 
  • Detachable leather luggage bag 

These are just a few of the amazing features that make Rivas Backpack another best Tumi backpack that you should not miss. This backpack gives you all the good reasons to make a purchase today. Rivas Backpack is a best-value backpack for the price. 

Harper Backpack 

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Harper backpack is known to be multifunctional, elegant, and modern. This comes with a padded pocket for your laptop and water-resistant pocket to accommodate your water bottle, which can actually be accessed from both outside and inside of the bag. What is more, Harper backpack also comes with multiple smaller pockets that can keep your things well-organized. 

This backpack displays a practical and purposeful design that does not compromise style. If you opt for Harper backpack, you can expect the best and most versatile piece that will surely meet your needs and preference. Harper backpack has been one of the best Tumi backpacks often favored and chosen by modern women. 

This is such a timeless and elegant backpack with the most loved style and designs. Its nice appeal is definitely what every woman needs. The internal components and extra space make this one of the spacious backpacks available. Therefore, you can fit almost everything that you need and be ready to go. 


  • Add a Bag System  
  • Practical and purposeful design
  • Double zip entries
  • Front zip pockets with locking zipper pull 
  • Quick and easy access phone pocket that includes magnetic snap
  • Water-resistant water bottle pocket 
  • TUMI Tracer 

These are just a few of the many great features that you can get from Harper Backpack. 

Ruma Crossbody

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Check Ruma Crossbody Price

If you are fond of traveling, it would be best to invest in the leading travel backpack. Using backpacks instead of other types of bags is much better because the former puts less strain on the body. Backpacks are specially designed to distribute loads on the shoulders evenly. Aside from that, travel backpacks provide better accommodation for your essentials and are easier to carry as well. If you are looking for a trusted brand, you won’t regret choosing Tumi. The Ruma Crossbody is particularly the best Tumi backpack for men and women available today. 

The feature that makes Ruma Crossbody the perfect choice for travel days is a vertical orientation. This has enough room where you can store your phone, passport, ticket, keys, and wallets, and all your other travel essentials. This backpack is practical and chic and also ideal for daily use. You will also love the practical and purposeful design. 


  • Card pockets and open pockets included 
  • Key leash 
  • Tumi Tracer 
  • Double zip entry 
  • Leather dangler and key ring 
  • Quick and easy access back pocket 

The design, style, shape, and size of Ruma Crossbody are perfect. This is also stylish, tidy, and lightweight. Everything can fit easily. Many individuals would agree that this is one of the excellently and beautifully done Tumi backpack

Carson Backpack

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The Carson Backpack is spacious enough for your everyday essentials such as clothes, laptops, and more. This Tumi backpack provides a great combination of chic and functionality. This backpack is lightweight and includes a water-resistant pocket for your water bottle. This also comes with a quick-access pocket making this ideal for those who are always on the go. The fabric is nice, and materials are guaranteed of high quality. 


  • Key leash 
  • Tumi Tracer 
  • Practical and purposeful design
  • Quick and easy pockets 
  • Pen pocket 
  • Open pocket 
  • Double-zip entry 
  • Leather top handle 
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps 

Carson Backpack definitely has more wonderful things to offer. Adding this backpack into your collection is a smart investment move. 

Troy Crossbody

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Exclusively designed by Tumi, the Troy Crossbody is a stylish and functional bag for women. This is also perfect for commuters and jet setters alike. The cuteness of this product cannot be denied, and you will surely appreciate it being perfectly sized to accommodate your essentials. The entry and pockets were designed to ensure that your essentials are easily within reach. 

Troy Crossbody is also perfect for weekend adventures, day trips, and every day common use. This well-organized and spacious bag was crafted using the finest Nylon fabric, and this features many pockets allowing you to access your essentials quickly and easily. This bag displays great refinements making this product a must-have especially to those who are traveling most of the time. 


  • Exterior pockets  
  • Slip pockets 
  • Top zip-around bag closure 
  • Nylon fabric 
  • Interior zip
  • Key clip 
  • Card lot 
  • Smartphone and wall pockets 
  • Adjustable strap 
  • Top-carry handle 

This Tumi bag will never fail to give you only the best when it comes to quality, durability, and style. This is another best Tumi product worth buying for.

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