Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes for 2020 | Curry 7, Havoc 3, Spawn 3

So, you’ve been in a bit stress finding the right shoe to get your game up or make you a better player in the basketball field. Buying a pair from Under Armour could mean chunking a bit hefty amount from your budget. But tell you what, each product is worth the penny. Especially if you’re serious about taking your game into the next level, consider owning Under Armour basketball shoes now and see what we’re talking about!

So, you've been in a bit stress finding the right shoe to get your game up or make you a better player in the basketball field. Buying a pair from Under Armour could mean chunking a bit hefty amount from your budget. But tell you what, each product is worth the penny. Especially if you're serious about taking your game to the next level, consider owning Under Armour basketball shoes now and see what we're talking about!

Still, undecided which pair to own? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Get to know Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Before digging into the review, let's have a short introduction first about the basketball shoes owned by Under Armour.

Kevin Plank started creating and designing performance footwear – with the first running shoe line introduced in 2009. The year after, they launched the Micro G just in time for the NBA season's opening. Stephen Curry inspires some of the shoes. He was chosen as one of the main faces of Under Armour, with several of his signature installment lines available for acquisition. These include UA Curry 1, UA Curry Icon, UA Curry Lux, UA Curry 2, UA Curry 3, UA Curry 4, UA Curry 4, UA Curry 5, UA Curry 6, and UA Curry 7.

Technologies Included in the UA Shoes

The idea behind integrating numerous innovative tech is to help elevate the player's game. Following are the technologies included in the runner design:

  • Charged Cushioning: Offers the seamless balance between impact protection and responsiveness. It does an excellent job of absorbing impact on foot strikes and turning it into various responsive comfort levels. The outcome is a well-balanced ride
  • Micro G: Sleeker, lighter, and highly responsive. It provides better stability and comfort, thus improving your capacity to swift directions quickly
  • Speedform: A perfectly molded heel cup that offers improved stability and locked-in support
  • Threadborne: Built from woven high tensile threads to promote breathability, movement freedom, and support
  • ClutchFit: This hourglass-shaped pattern covers around the feet and is specifically designed to contract and expand
  • Anafoam: Basically made of flexible mesh combined with molded foam to offer lightweight structure
  • Meta Wing Carbon Filter: Engineered to stabilize the player's whole heel and ankle area

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes to Buy

With the vast options presented, it surely is difficult keeping up with what's lame and what's slick. We want you to find the best performing pair. After all, basketball shoes shouldn't be a cheap investment. Here are the quality products we've found and intend to share with you!

Under Armour Curry 7 Review

Are you looking for an Under Armour basketball shoe that is solid all-around and has cushioning with some bounce? You'll be happy with what Curry 7 has to offer! There are two cushioning systems – Micro G at the bottom and HOVR foam at the top. Both materials are seamlessly balanced and isolated by the flexible plate.

Expect it to have tons of padding and heel in the rear area to provide support. Curry 7 fits true to size, and you will enjoy the fit. Each material contained on the shoe works well together to help you step up in the playing field. 

UA Curry 7 Lockdown
UA Curry 7 Material
UA Curry 7 Traction
What we likeWhat we don't like
Good support and stability
Excellent traction
Fairly balanced cushioning
Might be stiff at first wear

Our Verdict

Curry 7 from Under Armour is a beast on the court. You surely don't want to miss out on adding in your wardrobe. Materials work marvelously, the traction is good, plus the support is impressive.

Under Armour Hovr Havoc 3 Review

Substantially one of the most consistent sports gears, Hovr Havoc 3 is a full-length micro molded mesh upper. It is very form-fitting, lightweight, and soft. As for the cushion, you may get a bit disappointed since it's not the same HOVR that UA has in its running lineup.

The outsole is made of tougher rubber compound, aiming to get through any outdoor beating utterly. The mid-foot shank, heel counter, and outrigger give decent stability and support.

UA Hovr Havoc 3
Under Armour Havoc 3 Basketball Shoes
What we likeWhat we don't like
Made from premium materials
Comfortable, ideal fit
Solid support
Traction is inconsistent
Slipping issues

Our Verdict

Generally, Havoc 2 is another ideal Under Armour basketball shoe to consider with its first-ratematerials with a nice blend of impact protection and responsiveness.

Under Armour SC 3Zero 3 Review

A mid/low robust basketball shoe. 3Zero is constructed from synthetic leather with multiple colors and styles to choose from. The upper is perforated for improved breathability while the half bootie strengthens comfort and adjustability.

Thanks to the charged cushioning midsole and Micro G foam, lightweight and breathability are never comprised when wearing it. It also features a molded ankle collar together with installed Achilles cushioning for extreme support and comfort throughout.

What we likeWhat we don't like
Stylish, comfortable
Very lightweight
High-rated lockdown
Great traction for both environments
Ideal for indoor and outdoor wear
Firm cushioning

Our Verdict

Another game-boosting shoe highly recommended. It is made to hold out the high-intensitygame and help you win. Features a breathable and lightweight mesh design intended to use by any player who prefers court feel and responsiveness.

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2 Review

It also uses metal that provides players with reinforcement in their heel, eyestays, and forefoot to give added durability and structure. The interwoven layers greatly work with your tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Have more support and freedom wearing this durable basketball shoe.

The sides and open mesh tongue offer breathability your feet needs. Rubber outsole, on the other hand, features a unique herringbone traction pattern to aid you with hedges, laterals, and hard cuts.

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2
What we likeWhat we don't like
Good fit
Prevent ankle strains
Excellent cushioning
Narrow and may fir small to some
Traction issues

Our Verdict

Although you may find some problems with the tight fit and durability of Spawn 2, you may still don't want to overlook its supportive upper and comfortable Micro G cushioning. An awesome indoor and outdoor hoop shoe to consider.

Under Armour Jet Mid Review

Similar to Spawn 2, UA Jet Mid is built from synthetic material too. It makes use of the runner sole's feature. The upper side comes with a model quarter panel for breathable and comfortable structured support.

Have an assurance that your foot won't get hurt during the game. It is the goal of compression-molded EVA as it offers extra comfort and padding around your heel area. Avoid falling, slipping, or skidding with the rubber sole. Just wear that confidence as youtwine around your opponents.

What we likeWhat we don't like
Includes mesh midfoot panel
Internal midfoot shank
Features EVA midsole and die-cut EVA sock liner
Some issues with durability
Available only in two colors

Our Verdict

The Jet Mid from Under Armour has other excellent features that provide comfort, stretch, and stability. You essentially need to make sure it fits comfortably and keeps firms on your foot.


With Under Armour launching new signature shoes every year, it's tough to decide which model really fits well to your foot. I hope our list of the Under Armour basketball shoes gives you an idea of what pair you should own next to help you dominate the court. Each is the best at what it's crafted. From starter to role player to captain, have the confidence that your game will be completely locked in once you wear any of these robust shoes!

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