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First Look At Curry 8 Flow Shoes [Leaked] | Heel Counter, Dynamic Knit

stephen curry flow shoes - material

This is all we've been waiting, the game changer shoes revealed – Curry 8 Flow

stephen curry flow shoes - logo

Let's first look at Stephen Curry re-branding of his signature logo. It encompasses both his signature, and his attitude and love for the game.

Stephen Curry New Logo

Curry 8 Flow Shoes [Leaked]

stephen curry flow shoes - material

External Heel Counter

Reinforced heel fit via a dual-intensity TPU external heel counter.

Dynamic Knit Upper

Light and breathable dynamic knit upper with internal lacing support for superior fit and lock down.

Guard Rail

Synthetic leather lateral support “guard rail” provides a comfortable push-off for lateral cuts.

P.O.P Carbon

Power Output Plate made of unidirectional nano-carbon to maximize stability and optimize force output in lateral and linear explosive movement.

UA Flow

The first and only foam that combines lightweight cushioning and ground breaking traction. Developed by DOW chemical and utilizing UA data-driven geometry for optimized fit and ground force interaction.

curry 8 flow shoes - support

The greatest performance improvement in basketball forever. Ever.

  • No-slip grip. Competitive advantage in traction. 22% more traction than rubber. Essentially obsoletes rubber. Doesn't squeak.
  • 9.3 ounces (263 grams)…37% lighter than all signature basketball shoes on the market.
  • Insane cushioning…replacing rubber with space-aged foam increases comfort, cushioning, and court feels by 17%.

You don't recall what true innovation looks and feels like, until we are faced with a scientific breakthrough so revolutionary that it can make even our most elite athlete better. A technology with the magnitude to create the big bang of basketball forever.

It only makes sense to have the man who has changed the game of basketball introduce the world to the scientific ingredient that will change the footwear game.

Under Armour Footwear Lead

Curry 8 Release Date: Q3 2020

Visit for more details.

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