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Under Armour MapMyRun Review

It is natural that you always want to stay fit and healthy. With this, you must have an efficient running or fitness app to achieve your fitness goals. One of the most popular running apps today is Under Armour MapMyRun. Is it the right running app for you? Find out the answer with this Under Armor MapMyRun review.

It is natural that you always want to stay fit and healthy. With this, you must have an efficient running or fitness app to achieve your fitness goals. One of the most popular running apps today is Under Armour MapMyRun. Is it the right running app for you? Find out the answer with this Under Armor MapMyRun review.

MapMyRun can be your virtual coach, which can help you enhance your running fundamentals. Meanwhile, are you curious how does MapMyRun app compares to other fitness or running apps? Read more.

What is MapMyRun?

Before we proceed to the review, let us first know what MapMyRun is. The MapMyRun is a run tracker which is ideal for beginners. By simply pressing the start button, you can record your pace and route as you run. Additionally, you can also calculate the calories you burned.

With the MapMyRun app, you can make standard training plans to improve your running performance and motivation. If you avail of subscription with the app, you can access its features, including live tracking, heart rate analysis as well as exporting training files to other software such as Training Peaks. The mapping system for MapMyRun mainly relies on Google maps, making it perfect to use by road runners.

How Does MapMyRun Works?

MapMyRun allows you to track your run with just a single tap. It has a launch screen wherein you can see everything, including a map, type of exercise, and a big green button to start tracking. Just push the green button, and you’re ready to run. Additionally, you can also customize the data you want to display on the home screen.

It allows you to personalize the dashboard and set an audio coach for updating you on split pace each mile. The app uses state-of-the-art GPS filtering technology to prevent overestimation and GPS errors.

Features of Under Armour MapMyRun

Under Armour MapMyRun’s running app is loaded with amazing features.

GPS tracking

With GPS tracking, you can track your workouts with a high accuracy level.

Great customization

You can also customize your dashboard based on your needs. Using voice feedback, you can receive main audio updates, including pace, time of day, and distance. It also allows you to monitor your runs and walks by pace, distance, elevation, calories burned, and more.

The app lets you breakdown your performance with charts and graphs. So, you can compare your past runs on a similar route and know if there’s a progress. You can have access to metrics like cadence average, stride length trendline, and cadence trendline.

Log your activities

Aside from running, you can also use the app in other activities. These include power yoga, swimming, yard work, and other physical routines. You can log in, monitor, and improve.

Create challenges

You can’t track your progress if you’re not challenged. Well, you can create challenges to increase your motivation for your fitness goals. You can participate in an active community on Facebook.

Establish your community

In Community Feed, you can view the routes individuals are running in your neighborhood. You can make new friends and be motivated by a global community of runners. With this, you can increase your running motivation while having positive peer pressure.

Calories in, Calories out

You can also sync it with MyFitnessPal to monitor your nutrition before, during, and after the run. Using this feature of the app, you can send your burned calories to MyFitnessPal to maintain accurate calorie counts.

Get rewards

Aside from being motivated to stay fit, you can also get rewards while using the app. If you have consistent workouts and get healthier, you can get real-world benefits like getting discounts as you purchase Under Armour products based on your engagement level.

Training plans

You can choose from training plans that suit your goals. For example, you can train for 10K, 5L, or half-marathon, or marathon.

Heart rate zones

Another unique feature of MapMyRun is it can monitor your heart rate zones. You can train with proper intensity with detailed heart rate graphs.

Live tracking

You can activate the live tracking feature of the app if you want your family or friends to view where you’re running in real-time.

Priority support

The good thing about the MapMyRun running tracker is that you can get priority support within 24 hours if you have inquiries or problems while using it.

Post-workout analysis graphs

It can offer you detailed graphs and charts about your post-workout. So, you can get an analysis of your power or cadence.

Mobile coaching

With the running app, you can have mobile coaching for your running routine. You can walk or run with real-time audio feedback for more motivation. It’s like you have a coach that can guide you for your workout on speed, pace, calories, and distance.

Custom splits

You can also select how you want to see the data for your workout. You can view your splits broken down on the distance you want.

There we go, so that is the list of features that MapMyRun can offer to you. With these features, you have the assurance that the time and budget you invest for the product are all worth it.

MapMyRun free version vs. MapMyRun Premium

MapMyRun comes with a free version and a premium version. Both these versions can provide you with functional features for your fitness needs. MapMyRun Premium and MapMyRun Free versions can both be connected to other devices like Apple Watch, Garmin, Suunto, and more.  

These versions also come with shoe tracking, Under Armour Exclusives like special offers to improve your performance. The free version and premium version of the app allow you to track more than 600 types of activities. The free version also has a target range calculator that targets your stride length or cadence range for any pace.

They also both feature voice feedback. Meanwhile, the free version doesn’t have custom splits, live tracking, device-free tracking, and heart rate analysis, unlike the premium version. The free versions don’t have interval training and tracking, running from progress charts and audio coaching.

MapMyRun with Under Armour Connected Running Shoes

MapMyRun with Under Armour Connected Running Shoes can help to level up your training. It allows you to connect with different devices, including Suunto, Apple Watch, Garmin, and more. It features shoe tracking wherein you can monitor the miles you place on your shoes. Additionally, you will also know when to get new pair of shoes to avoid injury.

MapMyRun with Under Armour Connected Running Shoes can offer you real-time form coaching, post-workout form coaching, highest distance accuracy, advanced running metrics, badges/ achievements, fool-proof auto-pause as well as device-free tracking.

MapMyRun vs. Strava   

Just like MapMyRun, Strava can record runs, discover new loops and create routes. However, this running app can stand out in the post-run analysis. Strava can help you to be more competitive without joining races.

Strava also has a free version like MapMyRun. It also has 3 subscriptions called Summit Packs. The Safety, Analysis and Training come with extras, including live tracking, heart rate analysis, and training plans. Meanwhile, Strava has superior trail maps compared to MapMyRun. It can be the best app for off-road runners.

MapMyRun vs. Nike Running Club

Unlike MapMyRun, Nike Run Club can’t track other activities and doesn’t have a personal goal tracking feature. However, the app also has custom splits, unlimited printed maps, heart rate analysis, progress view, cadence analysis, and power analysis.

Unfortunately, Nike Running Club doesn’t have live tracking compared to MapMyRun. Nike Run Club also has community feed, retail/ event exclusives, export workout, ad-free experience, shoe tracking, and audio feedback.

MapMyRun vs. Runtastic

Runtastic is another running app you can use for your fitness goals. It also has auditory entertainment during your run. Runtastic comes with guided runs, music, personal records, and shoe tracking. Just like MapMyRun, you can connect Runtastic to devices like Apple Watch, Garmin, and more.

The app can provide you with interval training, training plans, cadence analysis, live tracking, and power analysis. On the other hand, it doesn’t have advanced leaderboards and running form coaching.


To sum it up, Under Armour MapMyRun can be the best running app you can use to stay fit and healthy. With the help of this Under Armour MapMyRun review, we hope that you already make a decision if this app is right for your needs.

The app has a free version and a premium version. You can access the extra bonus if you choose the premium version compared to the free version. With its functional features, you can track your performance and progress for your fitness goals. It can also be connected to different devices so that you can share your performance to your family and friends.

Under Armour MapMyRun can record your workout details such as distance, duration, speed, pace, calories burned, elevations as well as route traveled on an interactive map. You can sync it with Under Armour running shoes.

Are you ready to achieve your dream body physique? What are you waiting for? Get your Under Armour MapMyRun running tracker now!

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