UA Forge 96 UA Forge 96

UA Forge 96 – Family, Hustle & Leadership

Premium suede and leather upper for comfort and durability. The original HeatGear fabric, lightweight stretch-mesh zone panels deliver strategic ventilation

We all know the story.

In the mind-90s, University of Maryland football special teams captain Kevin Plank took a now-infamous trip to New York City's Garment District. He was searching for the fabrics and materials he would need to create the next great apparel innovation for athletes: a shirt that actually wicks sweat and keeps them cool. The prototype he built would eventually be known as Under Armour…and it would change the way athletes dress forever.

But what if Kevin drove north with his sights set on athlete's footwear? He still would've been looking for the best materials to use in new and innovative ways – mesh for more ventilation, suede and leather for durability, synthetics to keep it light, and the latest EVA foams for unreal cushioning. All of it handpicked to create a shoe that rivaled anything else they'd ever laced up.

The shoe KP would have created back then would have been the UA Forge.

Established in 1996.

UA Forge 96 Mesh/Nubuck Sportstyle Shoes

UA Forge 96 Mesh Nubuck Sportstyle Shoes

via Under Armour

UA Forge 96 Track Sportstyle Shoes

Unisex UA Forge 96 Track Sportstyle Shoes Orange

UA Forge 96 Track Sportstyle Shoes Green

Unisex UA Forge 96 Track Sportstyle Shoes Yellow

via Under Armour

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