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Under Armour Curry 6 Performance Review | Traction, Durability, Material

Overall the experience with the traction was great but I did find myself wiping a lot more with the Curry’s. It could just be because this rubber compound picks up a lot more dust but again overall the traction experience was really great, really responsive and it fits in overall with the fast nature of the shoe itself.


curry 6 traction

As far as traction, Curry 6 has a unique split also pattern that splits into multiple sections with different patterns or superior traction and flexibility in the toe box. On the lateral side, you have a circular traction pattern while the medial side you have cross-section little nubs. The splitting of the nubs is fantastic where the flex grooves allow you to have traction coverage with every angle of every step.

The traction on the curry 6 is superb and was gripping onto the floor well. The traction did its job on stopping on a dime or when you're changing directions. Although the traction pattern on the medial side where it has a crosscut little nub did not perform as well. Dust does get captured within the grooves but a wipe or two here and there will solve that problem.


Curry 6 durability of the medial side where it's not the greatest because the little nubs are pretty frail. Not the most ideal for use on outdoor courts as they won't last you pretty long.


curry 6 materials

Moving on to the materials the Curry 6 has a fully knit upper for a breathable compression-like fit that delivers lightweight directional strength. It also has some fuse overlays for added support and durability in certain areas. The materials feel really nice and snug on your foot.

It's lightweight, breathable, and tongue is soft and stretchy that provides easy entry for the foot. I just wish that it had a little bit more padding on the tongue. The tongue materials are pretty flexible but not overly flexible and fit your foot quite nicely.

Support & Lockdown

curry 6 lockdown

Lockdown has a full-length speed plate that stabilizes and supports your foot from the heel to toe. There is an internal and external heel counter for added stability and support. The lacing system is supported through one full cable which pulls in your foot when tightening.

The support is great on the shoe given the full-length speed plate. It really stabilizes the movement of your steps whether you're doing a step back or lateral side to side or when you're stopping on a dime to pull up for a jump shot. It really got your support on that and I also like how the base is fairly wide and flat for stability. The lacing system is simple and smooth.


curry 6 cushioning

For cushioning the curry 6 has a full-length color cushioning system that provides explosive return and a zero-gravity feel. The cushioning on the Curry 6 I've got to say is pretty awesome. It has the perfect amount of balance between you know a good amount of cushioning for impact protection and also you know low to the ground feel responsive.

It has a really good core feel for all who like that low to the ground feel but also for players who are looking for a little bit of more cushioning in a shoe. This cushioning is a bit on the firm side but that's something curry likes in the shoe to have good responsiveness and stability to be able to make quick moves and change directions instantly.

Fit & Size

curry 6 signature

Curry 6 runs true to size but they might run a tad bit long in the toe area. Personally I still stuck with true to size and didn't have any issues. If you like to have that more snug like fit, I do recommend to go a half-size down.

As far as comfort the shoe feels pretty comfortable. It is a little bit stiff in the beginning but after breaking them in they feel pretty nice.

Pricing & Availability

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