Curry 7 Traction

We’re starting off with the traction of Curry 7 and the traction have some dynamic traction. it’s everywhere it’s in a radial circular plus herringbone pattern. Two of my favorite things all on one shoe and it works just as you would hope. The outsole itself collects very limited dust and grime. The outsole right here is the money. Hoopers trust me this stuff right here, is one of the best traction setups we’ve had so far in 2019.

Traction is money. You’re able to really stick no sliding soft because of the two things rubber compound and the traction pattern. The radial traction really gives you that kind of multi-directional coverage as does herringbone


Curry 7 support and lockdown

Now for the materials was a little disappointing. I wish it was a little bit more premium and  a little bit beefier. But all that stuff in the forefoot helps for breaking in and  really requires no break-in time. It also added some ventilation on top of that the rest of it though is all TPU plastic based. It’s very durable and doesn’t stretch so once you’re locked in, you’re in for good.

Support & Lockdown

Curry 7 materials

The overall lock down of Curry 7 is that there’s a lot of heels and padding in the rear of the shoe. At the behind there’s cupping of the heel and the Achilles area. All of the support and lace locks you down into where the holes are.


Curry 7 cushioning

The cushion on Curry 7 is kind of like their main story platform for the shoe. Under Armour have combined both Hovr and Micro G cushioning technology. So you got hover and micro G to their platform cushions their best cushions some of the best cushions. Both cushions feel very much subdued versions of the two cushioning platforms.

The micro G is actually firm and that firmness is the the carrier foam basically so there’s not a lot of compression. You can still maintain stability for all of your movements and is that split in the heel which is dope. Then the top layer is the Hovr that’s supposed to be your main source of bounce. I thought that the Hovr on Curry 6 was awesome and it was encapsulated within a PVA carrier which was a lot firmer.

I wish that they would have done that with the micro G in Hovr with Curry 7. I think that it would have felt a little bit better. it would’ve given me a little bit more spring in my step and all that but the foams are still good they’re just not like as nice as maybe you would expected it. It definitely not as plush as any of the running category or some of the previous basketball stuff.

Fit & Size

Curry 7 fit and size

Curry 7 fit true to size and I really enjoy the fit. It’s kind of surprising because there’s a lot of materials on here that I’m not usually a fan of but everything works really well together. On a little downside, I would have liked a little bit of a softer setup and maybe kept the eyelets where the few sections. But it doesn’t really affect performance and it’s just a personal preference of mine.

Pricing & Availability