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Under Armour Flow Velociti Review

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The Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind is among the most popular running shoes today. Do you want to know whether this model is best for your needs? Find out the answer with the help of our Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind review.

Features of Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind

The Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind is packed with awesome features. Let us dive into its features below.

Warp technology

The Flow Velociti Wind is equipped with Warp technology that offers a lightweight locked-down feel and maximum breathability. There’s no heel slippage in the shoes, making them very comfortable to wear. Its ventilated upper will make your feet feel fresh.

In addition to its unique Warp upper, it also comes with multi-directional stitching that offers protection upon impact and toe-off. It also provides a locked-in feel.

MapMyRun capabilities

Since it is a smart shoe by Under Armour, it also has MapMyRun capabilities. MapMyRun is an app that allows you to monitor your stride length, pace, and cadence. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, this app can be the best for you. The flow Velociti Wind can be connected to the app without a smartwatch. It can record your data and see it on the app. It is ideal for runners who want to see their progress.

Grippy outsole

Unlike traditional shoes, this model doesn’t have rubber. However, it still provides excellent grip and traction. It has a grippy outsole without the rubber’s weight. So, there’s no slippage even on a rainy day run.

Elegant design

Aside from its quality performance, it also comes with an elegant and impressive design. It is available in various colors for men and women. It is a combination of beautiful design, comfort, and quality.


The Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind are durable and lightweight shoes. It can provide you with an excellent grip. With its quality materials, you can feel comfortable while running. With that, you can focus more on your fitness goals.

Quality shoes

If you have high standards for your running shoes, the Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind can be the best choice. In addition, it can also be connected to the MapMyRun app for your fitness tracking.

  • Easy to run with and lightweight
  • Flow mid-sole provides propulsion and cushioning
  • Warp technology in upper weaves and stabilize your foot
  • It uses innovative technology, making it ideal for different types of runner
  • Quality and elegant design has MapMyRun capability
  •  It’s not the perfect shoe for you if you want a more supportive shoe

Cushion & Support

The cushion of Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind is also great. It has a decent innovation wherein the mid-sole and outsole, along with the 4mm-thick sock liner, makes the shoe super-plush feel on the run. The shoes are well-cushioned, making them ideal to use for long and easy runs. They’re also responsive, so you can use them for faster sessions and tempo runs.

Specs of Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind

The under Armour Flow Velociti Wind weighs about 8.5 oz. for men’s 9 and 8.02 oz. for women’s 7. It has 8 mm offset, 18 mm forefoot, and 26 mm. Its pricing is about $160.

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This model also comes with excellent traction. If you flip it over, there’s no rubber on the outsole. It helps reduce the weight without sacrificing its durability and traction. You can have lightweight shoes that can improve your running performance. In this way, you can focus more on your running routine and achieve a fit and healthy body.


The Under Armor Flow Velociti Wind doesn’t have rubber. It has mid-sole foam, the FLOW that has an outside edge with patterned thread for excellent grip. Even though it doesn’t have rubber, it still has great durability. So, it will keep your foot secure even on wet pavements, dry trails, and tarmac. The Flow mid-sole has forward motion that can improve your speed. The WARP material on the toe’s front can pick up dirt quickly. It has different colorways that you can choose from based on your taste and standards.

Where to buy

Flow Velociti Wind release date

The Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind was released on March 3 globally. You can avail it at Under Armour Online Store. Make sure to buy only from the official online store to avoid buying counterfeit of the product.

Is it worth it to buy Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind?

If you want to know if Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind is worth buying, the answer is simply yes. It is lightweight, durable, and has an elegant design that is truly appealing to the eyes. It can provide a good value to your money because of its quality, comfort, and performance. It has a great grip even if it doesn’t have rubber material.


There we go, so that is our Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind Review. We hope that you became familiar with the shoes. With that, you can make a wise decision for your specific needs.

To sum it up, The Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind is a good and quality brand for running shoes. It has excellent grip and durability that can provide you high level of comfort and breathability. It is a fast, light, and comfortable shoe with an elegant design.

Its upper features Warp technology. The mid-sole can provide you a firm ride, and the outsole has great traction quality. It is made from quality materials to offer you durable and flexible running shoes.

Are you ready to level up your running habit? What are you waiting for? Get your Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind shoes now!

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