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Under Armour Sports Mask Designed For Athletes

Under Armour Sports Mask

Under Armour created an incredibly breathable mask ergonomically designed to fit well on the athlete's face. Maximum breathability, while making it harder for moisture to pass through, keeping teammates and training partners safe. But what makes under armour sports mask so great?

Introducing The Under Armour Sports Mask

UA Sports Mask

Technological Benefits

Better Airflow

It's light, the soft-but-structured fabric stays off your mouth and wicks sweat but still allows air to flow through.

Under Armour Sports Mask Performance Review
Air Flow | Soft Fabric

Performance Fit

The fit is secure-but-not-tight, with a soft, adjustable nose bridge, and a strip of base-layer fabric for a snug fit under glasses.

UA Sports Mask Performance Fit
Iso-Chill Technology | Performance Fit

Cool Feel

The inside fabric uses UA Iso-Chill technology next to skin to disperse heat, so it actually feels cool when you put it on.

UA Sports Mask Cool feel
Cool Feel


It's fully washable, durable, and then ready to wear over and over-making it more environmentally friendly than disposable masks or filters.

UA Sports Mask Substainable

3 Layer System

Under Armour Sports Mask 3 Layer System

Layer 1: Spacer Fabric

It’s light with air pockets to create structure, so it can stay off your mouth and nose for better airflow.

Under Armour Sports Mask Performance Fit

Layer 2: Open-Cell Foam

The breathable middle layer lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass.

Under Armour Sports Mask Airflow

Layer 3: UA Iso-Chill

This fabric actually feels cool against your skin, stretches, and has an anti-microbial treatment.

Under Armour Sports Mask Cool Feel

At Under Armour, we always want to be part of the solution, especially during this extremely challenging time. We specifically designed this mask for athletes and for all of us who want to exercise and train while also keeping ourselves, and those around us, safe.

Patrik Frisk, CEO of Under Armour

Where to Buy Under Armour Sports Mask?

The Under Armour Sports Mask is available for $30 USD at Stretchy ear loops and side panels offer a more comfortable and custom-like fit across four size offerings.

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